Robot-assisted Surgeries Frequency Show Problems

Private and community hospitals in the United States have been slowly incorporating robot-assisted surgeries in the services they offer, online sources say, showing a consistent build-up in popularity.  However, as the number of operations done with the aid of da vinci lawsuitthese robotic systems rose, a steep increase in the number of men and women who have experienced post-surgical complications also increased, according to the online report from CNBC. The da Vinci Surgical System, the first robotic system approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), appears to be doing well. Many ideas and concepts are being developed to help surgeons perform better, and yet robot-assisted surgery are still popular despite the risks.

The da Vinci system is now used in several types of operations in different areas such as:

–      Cardiac

–      Colorectal

–      Gynecologic

–      Thoracic

–      Urologic

–      General surgery

This machine is one of the biggest investments upon which hospitals across the United States are making today as robots are slowly becoming the future of modern surgery. About one in every four hospital now has a robotic-assisted surgical system, according to the online report from the USA Today. Most health care providers believe that the massive marketing of manufacturers has clouded the public view on the safety of these machines. Websites of several hospitals are also promoting these robotic surgeries, but some do not include a serious look into the risks that accompany their use.

The FDA is now investigating the gradual increase in the number of complications related to these robotic-aided operations. The lack of proper reporting of these incidents also makes it difficult for the FDA to trace if these were caused by the robot or those handling the machine. Cases of robots having problems were reported and several of these cases even resulted to the injury of the patients, according to the CNBC online report. The spokeswoman of Intuitive Surgical — Angela Wonson — stated in a press briefing that the machine is considered safe with over 1.5 million surgeries done globally.

The company also keeps constant communication with the FDA and continues to monitor the adverse events associated with their product. However, critics allege that the adverse events are underreported and may not have given adequate data on the safety performance of the machine. Health care providers do warn patients that all form of surgery – traditional or robotic-assisted, has some form of risk and they need to properly evaluated each case to see if they would gain more benefits from the latter or the former but a da Vinci recall is not being contemplated by its maker.

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