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FDA Lacks Data to Prove Benefits of Robot-assisted Surgery

 The use of robots during surgical operations has gained fast acceptance, nevertheless it is still under strict observation of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as there are several problems that have been reported to be linked to its use, medical industry observers say. The controversy behind the use of this innovation in modern medicine is still being discussed in length by health Da vinci lawsuitexperts amid certain claims that the benefits are inflated, according to an article published in the USA Today website. Websites of certain hospitals have already assimilated these types of surgery as part of the services they offer, although critics have pointed out that there are some that do not include the risks.

Many health experts believe that robots form part of the future of surgical procedures but the technology is still developing and may possibly have some errors while it is being developed. The robots used in today’s surgical procedures have evolved from a simple laparoscopic device for viewing to a machine tasked with complicated techniques. Continuous research for the development of robots and its enhancement are being made to ensure that these machines are feasible for use in different forms of surgical procedure. The risks and benefits of employing these machines in surgical procedures have been identified by surgical experts.

There are numerous possibilities opened by robotic surgery, according to a review published in the Annals of Surgery, but there is a need for trials and evaluations before it is considered to be safe for patients. The authors of the review entitled “Robotic Surgery: A Current Perspective” are from the College of Medicine and Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics at Drexel University, Philadelphia. There is lesser blood loss, smaller incision with better visualization and steady movements from the machine. One in every four hospitals now make use of the da Vinci Surgical System in their operating rooms.

There may also be some problems due to the lack of hand-eye coordination when using the hand of the robot. The da Vinci Surgical System has been linked to 85 deaths since it was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in year 2000 for soft tissue use, according to the online report from the CNBC. It is feared that the complications associated with robotic-assisted operations are underreported, although the risks may be the same as that of traditionally-performed surgeries.

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