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Woman Upset over Lack of Information on da Vinci Robotic Surgery

A woman whose name is Sheena Wilson decided to undergo hysterectomy with the aid of a well-known surgical robot only to suffer internal electrical burns in her rectum after the surgical procedure. According to an online source published December 29, 2013, Ms. Wilson has little information on the risk associated with robotic surgical procedure and she had known that it can potentially cause injuries to patients, she would never have underwent the procedure. The patient, Ms. Wilson, have decided to file a lawsuit against her surgeon and the maker of da Vinci surgical robot, Intuitive Surgical.

A data on da Vinci surgical system has been conducted by the publisher of the article that there are dozens of injuries caused by the surgical robot that went unreported over the years. If you are one of the unfortunate victims of robotic surgery, it is important to get a representation for the da Vinci robot lawsuit.


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